UPDATE Newsletter–December 2023

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Sponsor Renewal and Fee Increase

Vice-President Dale Hunter-Aubichon will be reaching out to sponsors in January 2024 so they can renew their annual sponsor payment. To cover the increased cost of items such as uniforms and books, we are raising our fees for the first time in five years. The cost to sponsor a student in middle school will go up from MX$2,900 to MX$3,100, and for high school will increase from MX$3,900 to MX$4,200. This modest fee increase will make sure we have enough funds to pay for the items our students need to stay in school.

Sponsor/Student Meet and Greet

Many of our sponsors have requested to meet their students when they are here in Progreso. We have arranged for these meetings to take place between January and March 2024 at Restaurante EnchilArte in Progreso in the early afternoons. If you are interested in meeting your student, please send an email to info@progresoapoyo.org to let us know when you will be in Progreso.

Higher Education Program

Next year, 21 of our students will be graduating from high school! These are the first group of students we enrolled in 2019 and all of them have expressed interest in continuing their education or training for a specific career. We have launched a new Higher Education Program to make it easy for sponsors to continue their support of their student to help with the costs of higher education. In addition, we are encouraging those individuals who are not able to sponsor a student over many years to make donations to our Higher Education Program so that we can match sponsor contributions with other donations. By the way, donations to our Higher Education Program would make a great holiday gift! You would be providing the gift of education to a deserving student from our community. Click here for more information about this new program.

Progreso Apoyo English Academy

Thanks to the leadership of Program Coordinator Debbie Ritchie and her committed team of volunteer English coaches, more than 20 of our students receive English tutoring online and in person. And beginning in February, we will resume our successful COBAY Conversation Classes for a few weeks. This program provides an opportunity for high school students to practice their English conversation with native English speakers in a small group setting. Program Coordinators Laurie Davis and Lynn Duffy will be looking for teachers during the month of January. If you are interested in volunteering just a few hours a month in February and early March, please send an email to info@progresoapoyo.org with your contact information.

Helping students succeed in school

We currently have 81 students enrolled in our program. In addition to helping to pay for the costs of uniforms, books, school fees, etc., we offer these students tutoring in subjects such as math, science, and English. We have found that just a few hours a month of one-on-one tutoring makes a huge difference in helping our students improve in subjects that are difficult for them. The cost of tutoring is paid for by donations to our program and funds raised from the Progreso Home Tour.

Get Ready for the 6th Annual Progreso Home Tour!

Mark your calendars for March 2, 2024 and join your friends for our annual Progreso Home Tour. We have several interesting homes lined up this year that we know you will enjoy viewing. Advance tickets are required and will go on sale January 31, 2024.

Become a Sponsor – Change a Life!

In 2024, our goal is to add 20 new sponsors so we can recruit 20 additional students into our program. Won’t you consider making a modest annual donation so that you can help a deserving student succeed in school? Click here for more information about becoming a sponsor.

Happy Holidays from the Progreso Apoyo Program!

Speranza Avram, President
Dale Hunter-Aubichon, Vice-President/Secretary
Mary Elizabeth Walberg, Treasurer