Sponsors provide annual contributions to pay for items that students require to attend school. The program matches students and sponsors, who will continue to provide support each year until the student successfully completes high school. We currently have sponsors who are helping 74 deserving teens stay in school.


Secondaria – Grades 7- 9: $2,900 MX/year (about US$150 per year as of December 2022).  Annual contributions usually will cover the following items:

  • Uniforms and shoes required by the school
  • Athletic clothes required by the school
  • School supplies including a backpack
  • Examination and school fees as required

The annual fee to support these students once they reach Preperatoria (grades 10-12) will be $3,900 MX/year (about US$201 as of December 2022), which adds payment for the required annual registration fee and books to the items listed above.

To be eligible for the Progreso Apoyo Program, a student must reside in a Progreso area community not already served by another apoyo program, require financial assistance and currently be enrolled in a public secondaria or high school with a grade point average of 8.0 in academic subjects.

Are you ready to help a student stay in school?

We are recruiting new sponsors for 2023. If you are interested in sponsoring a deserving student for the following year, download our 2023 New Sponsor Recruitment Letter for more information.

If you would like more information about the Progreso Apoyo Program, contact us at info@progresoapoyo.org or through our Facebook page.