In 2023 we started a Higher Education Program to help two of our students who were graduating from high school. Here they are with their diplomas: Ciara Diamar Hernandez Hernandez and Cielo de Jesus Gonzales Canul.

Both of them wanted to become teachers. We asked their sponsors if they wanted to continue providing support to their students and they said “YES!”

And so the Progreso Apoyo Higher Education Program was born! In 2024, we will have 21 students graduating from high school! These are students that we have supported for the past five years through middle school and high school. Now they are almost grown up and want to become doctors, lawyers, engineers and teachers! We are so excited to be able to offer them an opportunity to continue their education so they can be launched into their new careers.

You can help us with this new program by making a donation to the Progreso Apoyo Program earmarked for the Higher Education Program. Your funds will be used to help a deserving student attend college, university or trade school. If you have any questions about our new Higher Education Program, please send an email to .

Download a printable information sheet on our Higher Education Program here!

To donate using PayPal, click the button below and select Higher Education Program from the drop-down list.